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The Shasta Historical Society is a major center for collection, research and education of the history of Shasta County. The Society has an extensive impact on the local area and is always looking for new, and improved, ways to reach out to the community in the work that we do. Donations provide a vital source of revenue for much of the work that we do including collections care, program offerings and facility improvements.

There are many ways you can donate and be a part of helping us reach our goals. You can choose to donate to our General Fund or towards a fund that means something special to you. Funds you can contribute toward include:

  • General Fund: supports overall Society projects and operating costs.
  • Collections: supports the purchase of materials needed for the long-term care and preservation of artifacts donated to the Society.
  • Exhibits: supports rental fees for traveling exhibits and materials required to create in-house exhibits.
  • Programs: supports the purchase of materials, platforms and other fees associated with monthly and specialty programs and tours including, but not limited to, the following: Monthly Meetings,   Teacher Resources.

We are sustained by donors like you! We are an independent entity and do not receive local, State or Federal funds. Please consider making a gift today by clicking on the Donate button above.

Thank you in advance for your generous support. For further information please contact us at (530) 243-3720 or email