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Did you know that more than a third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 40 have permanent ink skin art and tattoos? Almost a quarter of American women have tattoos while around 19% of American men have them. The United States has a long history of tattooing, starting with the customs and cultures of Indigenous peoples and their richly varied body art, to the upper-class women who started the tattoo craze to the working-class Tattooed Ladies who performed in circus sideshows, this exhibit puts the foremothers of modern tattooing in the spotlight. Through photographs and personal histories, this exhibit uncovers the fascinating and largely unknown story of women and tattoos before WWII. A show-stopping mannequin, hand-drawn by current Bay Area female tattoo artists and specially commissioned for this show, highlights how far women and tattooing have come, alongside a couple of photo contributions given to us by local women from the Shasta County area at the Tattooed and Tenacious exhibit, running to December 31st!