Shasta Historical Society Policies

B.01 Shasta Historical Society By Laws

B.02 Institutional Code of Ethics

B.03 Mission Vision Core Values

B.04 Meeting Protocols

B.05 Board Job Description

B.06 Record Retention and Access Policy

B.07 Communications Policy

CE.01 Program Proposal Policy

CE.02 Exhibition Policy

D.01 Fundraising Policy

D.02 Membership Policy

D.03 Marketing Plan Final Draft

D.04 Grant Development Policy

HR.01 Collections Management Policy

HR.02 Collections Advisory Committee Policy

HR.03 Photographic and Film Use Policy and Form

HR.04 Library Use Policy and Form

HS.01 Advocacy Policy

P.01 Shasta Historical Society Personnel Manual

P.03 Annual Review Schedule and Form Cover Sheet

P.04 Organization Chart

V.01 Volunteer Job Descriptions

V.02 Docent Manual