Donation Information

The Shasta Historical Society is a major center for research and education relating to Shasta County. The Society has an extensive impact on the local area and we are always looking for alternative ways to reach out to the community in the work we do. Donations provide a vital source of revenue, offsetting costs for the many exceptional program offerings and facility improvements that make the Society such a unique organization. Our Tax ID number is # 23-7394579.

There are many ways to support the Society:

  • General donations: supports overall Society projects, displays, and operating costs.
  • Library, Website, and Technology Fund (LWT): aids activities and equipment that directly support the research conducted at the Society.
  • Membership Click here for more information.
  • Donations of historical items related specifically to Shasta County. Please see the How to Donate to Collections section under the Collections tab.

We are sustained by donors like you. Unlike a school or public facility, we do not receive State or Federal funds. Please join us and make your gift!

We thank you in advance for your generous support. Please call us at 530-243-3720 to learn more.

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